Team Building

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PAINTING: (Relaxed non-physical activity)

Each team receives their section of the larger pre-designed masterpiece and is responsible to complete the painting without knowing what the “bigger picture” looks like. They are normally so overwhelmed by the result which becomes a great memory for the tea room after the event. Outcome: The activity is designed to engage participants, sparking creative juices and building camaraderie. (Indoor or outdoor)



Ten challenges using household items. 60 seconds on the clock.  Think you can do it? You've got a Minute to Win It. Competing in 60-second challenges with household objects – Activities will be decided on the size of the group.
Bit Dicey, Baby Blockin, Baby Rattle, Back Flip, Ball Cap,                                  


You can’t do it alone. Be a team player, not an individualist, and respect your teammates. Anything you do, you’ll have to do as a team. Many records have been made, but only because of the help of one’s teammates.
Ice Breaker, War Cry, Basher, Mouse Trap, Acid River, Reef knot, Floater, Matrix, Can Walk, Group Skiing,...


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We proud our selves that all equipment belong to Super Touch Events, we can customize any activity according to you needs


You’ve been “stranded” on a deserted island. Your tribe has nowhere to go and there is no way off. Cell phones have been confiscated. No cappuccinos, no sushi, no massages and no pampering. Nada! No one will even hear you scream.
With stimulating challenges for both the brain and body, it is also one of the best ways to get people together and thinking.

Tribal Flag, Tyre Race, Incubator, Safe Zone, Volcano, Blindfolded Island Netball, The Basher, Horse Shoe Darts, Tyre Shuffle, Walky Talky, Don’t Touch Me!!, Tower Of Torture.


This is a combination of inflatable’s and other fun filled activities. The planning and teamwork allows for maximum participation and the combinations of the different activities are selected to provide a balance between active and more passive activities that are suitable for everybody. Teams compete against the clock, as they have to make their way through the obstacle course. We provide a powerful sound system contributing to the “Fun Day” atmosphere.

On the day of the event your group will be divided into teams. Each team will create a team identifying “Champs or Chumps war cry. Teams will then start rotating between the obstacles. 


Utilizing GPS technology, we split the group up into smaller teams and send them on a unique treasure hunt, navigating with their very own GPS. The event can be customized to suit your requirements. Our treasure hunts are always a huge success and the event is done on foot. The event is not too difficult as we want everyone to enjoy it and take away some new experiences.
First group to complete the mission will locate the “hidden treasure” and the reward is normally sweet!  Outcome: Mysterious and exciting, learning a new skill, enhances teamwork, fun filled competition. 


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Your team has just taken over a failing chocolate factory. Your task is to turn it around.  Each team under the guidance of a Chocolate Delight Chocolatier (one of your team members) will create and market a new product line to save the factory.  Once completed, each team will have a chance to present their marketing ideas along with their new product range while the other teams will be rating/scoring their presentation and their finished creations.  (Indoor)

What is included?
Packaging to create new product line 
Delegates take home own creations
Chocolate fountain for all to enjoy



Each team receives the same designing station with all the necessary equipment, materials etc for the state of the art outfit.  Each team will have a model dressed with the design for all to see.  Another member of the team will the announcer and sell the design to the potential “buyers/spectators” as the model models the outfit.  Each team is allowed to select a song of their choice. The event includes the use of a PA system and a powerful music station. This is a great event & promises lots of fun and laughter.  Outcome: Involving everyone, improves creativity, competitive fun and ensuring teams work together towards a common goal!  (Indoor or outdoor)



This is a combination of old traditional games. Teams compete against each other; we also provide a powerful sound system contributing to the “sports” day.

Football Toss, Can Knockdown, Toilet Paper Toss, Baseball Throw, Bucket Toss, Ten Pin Bowling, Kruiwastoot, Horse and Jockey Race



Ten challenges using household items. 60 seconds on the clock.  Think you can do it? You've got a Minute to Win It. Competing in 60-second challenges with household objects – Activities will be decided on the size of the group.

Bit Dicey, Baby Blockin, Baby Rattle, Back Flip, Ball Cap,                                  



This construction Challenge will have the team stepping up and becoming more competitive than ever in their bid to go the distance and achieve success. Catapult will test the teams' ability to develop a clear action plan, work with it, refine it and eventually bring it to fruition - Limited resources, strict time constraints, dismantling procedure
No human energy to be used at launch, Competitive environment, Safety management


Problem Solving Program

Logic, Ingenuity and Imagination are the required to resolve the problems in these activities.Team problem-solving helps break down barriers and gets group members to work together to accomplish tasks. The result is improved communication, an understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses and increased respect for one another.



Group Dynamic Program

Group dynamics describes the way members of a group interact with each other. Good dynamics include the ability of group members to talk with each other and work together. Some types of team-building games and exercises are designed to improve group dynamics and help employees work together more productively




When our standard program don;t fit the bill. we roll up our sleeves and design a 100% customized program for your team.... Breathe we said custom not expensive , We customize each team building activity to produce amazing experiences that bring your group, corporation, or team to a new place (physically, mentally, emotionally, philosophically, and structurally).