Leadership development, Staff Teambuilding, Sport Groups, Leadership Boding Camps

What We Do?

Supertouch Events organize school camps, or take your youth group for an adventure camp, leadership camp and sports groups

Leadership Development, Leadership Identification, Sport Groups Teambuilding, Bonding Camps, Staff Teambuilding, Church Groups, Adventure and Fun

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Target Groups

Grade 8
Group Dynamics / Inter & Intra personal development / Teamwork

Grade 9
Leadership /Leadership styles /Values / Influences / Peer pressure / Management skills

Grade 10
Goal setting / Tolerance of diversity / Individual growth / Personal discovery
Overcoming FEAR / Understanding Strengths & weaknesses / Discovering Potential

Grade 11
Leadership identification / Delegation / Teamwork / Trust / Responsibility & Accountability
Conflict management
(Internal and External)

Grade 12
Academic and Experiential Learning Camp / Individual Career Assessments /
IQ Assessments / Individual Personality Assessments / Motivational Sessions
Individual Predictive Indexing (Job Fitment Assessment)
Excess to Higher Learning Information

Staff Teambuilding

We also cater for School Staff Teambuilding and Events

If you have any questions about our school programs please phone us to discus your needs.

Sport Groups

Whether it is on or off the playing field, effectively dealing with conflict goes a long way in determining success.  Once teams successfully overcome conflict, trust develops between team members, leading to higher levels of team cohesion and greater team effectiveness .

Leadership Boding Camps