About Us

We are a One Stop Teambuilding, Sport and Adventure Company since 1991.

What We Do?

We take great care in the planning your event and tailor-make the activities and adventures to suit your specific needs. You can couple your team building with a conference, For your convenience we are also mobile and can bring the fun to you.

Team building, Adventures, River Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Sport Events, Conferencing, Accommodation, Corporate Fun Days , Venue Finding.

Something Important


Super Touch Events is an operational business with a common goal of assisting people in development opportunities through the provision of training, teambuilding, coaching and support program whilst encouraging development and the involvement in recreational and learning orientated activities. We provide world-class teambuilding programs to our clients; our Facilitators have the enthusiasm for understanding, the challenges companies face when dealing with human development.  These solutions are aimed at building capacity and to sustain the principle of “life-long learning”. We are able to present to our clients with value propositions that are customized to their specific environmental requirements and also assist clients in their efforts to meet any and all their requirements. 


Over 20 years of experience in teambuilding, extreme adventures, sport, program development, leadership development, team interventions and project implementation.

We are a one stop Team Building, Adventures and Sport Group since 1991.

Our Values

1.Personal and Business integrity is central to all our
2.Passion and Enthusiasm
3.Treat participant with respect and as equals
4.Excellent Service
5.Continuous personal development
6.We take pride in delivering high quality teambuilding
and development programs
7.Value of Development: we are passionate about teambuilding,
education, development and growth
8.We promote and apply policies that demonstrate respect
for our customers, employees, suppliers and the communities
in which we do business
7.Team work - learn with and from each other

21 Reasons to do Teambuilding

1.Staff is a company’s most important resource.
2.Results in a motivated and committed work force.
3. Companies with good internal relations are likely to have happier, more productive and loyal staff.
4. Provides the opportunity for people to stretch themselves and enable personal growth.
5. The team discovers new talents and skills.
6. Reduces hierarchical and status barriers.
7. Allows for understanding of diversity within a group.
8. Provides insight into group dynamics.
9. Enables managers and employees to get to know each other outside of the work environment.
10.  Reduces formality and tension.
11.  Releases stress.
12.  Provides a unique environment for FUN learning.
13.  It prevents interruptions, which are difficult to avoid at the office.
14.  Helps focus the group on the task objectives.
15.  Builds trust, support and communication.
16.  Encourages goal setting, problem solving, leadership, communication and other fundamental   team functions.
17.  Great for client relations and marketing.
18.  Staff and client incentives.
19.  A change is as good as a holiday - people return refreshed and excited.
20.  Unleashes creative energy.